Integrated Industrial Design Solutions

Uni-Orange is a provider for holistic industrial design solutions. 
We provide customers with industrial design solutions: conceptual, product and engineering.

Uni-Orange Design is an established and proven international provider of integrated industrial design solutions. Adhering to a customer-centric philosophy, we strive to continuously provide our customers with high-quality integrated industrial design solutions by connecting professional design resources around the world. Presently, our services focus on six key sectors including energy, industry, materials, information technology, health care, and consumer goods. We provide technology development, transfer, and consultancy services related to product, conceptual, and engineering design. We also offer related services such as intellectual property management, product trial manufacturing, technology industrialization, and investment financing.

Incubation Services

Uni-Orange Design aims to provide comprehensive incubation services to achieve maximum benefits for our customers.

  • Product Trial Services

    Product Trial Services

    Getting a product trial underway is a value-added service that Uni-Orange Platform offers. This is an exclusive end-end service that is designed to quickly connect customers, who need to manufacture the product in the solution, to quality suppliers worldwide so that they can actualize the entire process from product trial, inspection, certification to mass production.

  • Technology Industrialization Services

    Technology Industrialization Services

    Uni-Orange provides technology industrialization services, where we offer customers assistance in scientific research and technologies, to help them progress to mass production and other associated activities once the product trials are completed. At the same time, we can also help customers forge strategic partnerships with companies, financiers and government bodies both upstream and downstream along the industry chain so that new products can be quickly brought to market.

  • Intellectual Property Rights Services

    Intellectual Property Rights Services

    Uni-Orange is going to offer customers a comprehensive range of services to provide consultations and protect patents and other intellectual properties, including technical assessments, patent applications, patent maintenance, patent rights protection as well as transfer and licensing of patents.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Uni-Orange has formed strategic partnerships with renowned securities companies, banks, and a number of top financial institutions , so that we help customers gain access to capital funds during technology formulation, exchange or industrialization.