About Us

Company Overview:

Uni-Orange Design, aims at building the world's first cloud platform for coordinated research, development,and design.
Uni-Orange Design has established a high-end talents pool named "Uin-Win", gathering the most advanced designers and engineers in the world. Relying on "Uin-Win" to match advanced experts with our customer's needs and the trend of technology development, UNI-ORANGE DESIGN wants to work out high quality and innovative solutions with our R&D and design services to solve our customer's problems in a real sense.

Our mission:

To overthrow traditional design models and integrate intellectual capital from different regions to deliver efficient, fast, and quality designs.

Digital Uni-Orange


Global R&D Centers



Professional Technical Research Institutes



Technical Experiment Platforms



nations,Over ten thousand global suppliers



dedicated R&D engineers

Global Service Network

  • The headquarters are located inBeijing, China and the collaborative design and research institute is established in Yantai, Shandong

  • Core network service centers have been established in Houston, Tokyo, and The Hague

  • More service centers are planned in Japan, New Zealand, Germany, and Israel.

Uni-Orange Design keeps up with the most advanced technologies, and constantly pursues technological innovation and development. We build comprehensive technological solutions of "cloud-based design and distributed manufacturing clusters" based on customized requirements of clients.

  • Global R&D Distribution

    • Three major research and manufacturing bases

      Houston, Yantai, and Dezhou

    • Distributed digital factories in 5 cities

      Qingdao, Yantai, Chongqing, Wuxi, and Anhui

  • Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

    • 20,000 square meters of machinery workshops

      Equipped with advanced technologies, such as automated robotic welding, vacuum thermal treatment, and digitalized manufacturing, to complete all stages of product manufacturing including welding, heat treatment, machining, inspection, assembly, and testing

    • Over 100 sets of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment

      Horizontal boring and milling machining center (Japan), horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, comprehensive computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes, boring machines, drilling machines, and CNC lathes.

  • Strict Quality Control system

    • We adhere to a strict quality control system to carry out retroactive production and inspection tasks. We also partner with suppliers for the quality inspections and quality control of the entire production process, as well as product reliability tests and the establishment of a quality control and quality guarantee system.

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