Collaborative Design System(CDS)

CDS is a fully-featured, cloud-based design studio, open to designers across the globe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This collaborative platform enables the centralized management of the project. Its cloud-based architecture and virtualization technologies mean that designers and clients can collaborate effectively even when they are working in different cities or even time zones.

CDS also enables communication between the client, Uni-Orange, and the designer(s), with everything organized around the project listing. The platform brings together relevant information and shares it among all of the project participants, so that each person can get a clear and immediate overview of the project’s progress.

CDS allows each designer to access the platform from any place and on any device, meaning designers can quickly get down to work and start providing solutions. CDS is composed of the following four major parts: UNI Hyper-Converged Supporting System (UHCS), UNI Project Management System (UPM), UNI High Performance Computing System (UHPC), and UNI Design Fusion System (UDF).

CDS enables Uni-Orange to:

1. Bring timely and efficient delivery based the whole process of project management;

2. Realize effective and efficient project operation by adopting cutting-edge SAP HANA hardware and software;

3. Carry out collaborative design by bringing various design resources;

4. Ensure quality personnel engaged in our solutions by integrating global design resources.